Message Of Chairman Of The Board

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

Turkey proceeded on its road to success in 2017 just as it has done for the last 15 years.

Together with its 250 sub-sectors, construction sector today, contributes the economy to compose an ever-growing, strong structure. The sector generates an employment capacity of nearly 2 million. Accelerating our country’s development process with its catalytic impact, our sector will continue to be one of the successful lines of businesses in Turkey.

Sinpaş too, accompanies this auspicious pace of Turkey with its expertise of nearly half a century, maintaining its innovative approach and focus on reaching the best, doing what has not been done and acting courageously in every field of business.

Today, together with more than 3 thousand employees of our group, we work with a solid faith in our 28 companies in the “real-estate development”, “industry”, “service”, “finance” and “energy” sectors. We proudly represent our country locally and overseas.

We have many projects with on-going sales as well as great investments in our construction sites on 1 million square meters of land with on-going production. And around 2 and a half million square meters of land is in our future plans at the moment.

We have achieved considerable success with our real-estate projects which add value to the city, such as Finance City, perceived as the heart of Istanbul International Finance Center and Queen Bomonti, the first high-life theme project of Turkey, as well as commercial estate projects like OSWE, the project we took over in Frankfurt, where world of business and commerce pulse in Europe, and managed to increase the number of hirers by 641 percent and the rental income by 306 percent. We are determined to carry this success to the future with brand new projects.

Last year, we added new prestigious awards to our prior ones which make us feel very proud. We confirmed once more, our innovative and pioneering identity by being selected the “Super Brand” of the private sector in real-estate category for the second time in Superbrands Turkey.

For Sinpas, 2017 has also been a year of an important development. Having achieved great successes within Sinpas Group, Sinpas REIT and Sinpas Construction has joined their strengths under one roof. This strategic approach that we have achieved will enable us to continue our path even stronger in the following period.

Same as ever, we will manage even greater and more successful projects, always with an accelerating pace.

We hope, this empowering decision of merger will turn out to be the best for our clients, shareholders, our sector and also our country.

As a group, we continue our powerful investments in industry, mining and energy sectors. In 2018 also, as we have always done, we will rise the bar higher in our targets of production, employment and revenues and go even beyond these targets, work hard and achieve our goals. We will manage this all together.

Our clients whom we see as our fellow companions, our employees and all of our shareholders have a great role in all of these successes with their empowering presence and contribution.

As a big family, loving what they do, determined to always do their bests and focused on setting an example, I deep-heartedly believe that in 2018 too, we will achieve even more successes together.


Avni Celik
Civil Engineer
Chairman of the Board