Welcome to Sinpas Group Ethics Line

    This line aims all the ethical inappropriateness situations (embezzlement, corruption, fraud, abuse and similar acts, corporate business principles, rules of behaviour, discrimination, mobbing, conflict of interests, etc.) that concern Sinpas Group and Group Companies to be communicated to the Ethics Line Representatives and to relevant reviewing procedures to be executed.

    Ethics Line Report Procedure
  • It is not compulsory for people to give their contact information such as their names, e-mails, telephone numbers while reporting although it is possible if desired.
  • Reporting people will under no circumstances be exposed or disclosed.
  • Issues listed below should be considered while preparing the report:
  • The text of the report should be clear.
  • The subject of the report should define the possibility of the action.
  • The people/person subject of the action should be reported.
  • Real evidence of the action related to the subject of report or information leading to such evidence should be reported (date of action, amount etc., invoices, documents).
  • Sinpas Group Co. Ethics Line is not a channel for customer relations and any complaints should be reported to related channels guided in our corporate web site to related people with appropriate means.