Our Mission

Supporting our subsidiaries in terms of feasibility, structuring, guidance, supervision and backup, to create added value socially by providing people-oriented unity and synergy among the group companies.

Our Vision

Maintaining a sustainable strategic growth to create a global impression with respect for local values.

Our Values

Determining the ethical framework of our corporate culture, our values are the principles that guide the employees of our group while they take corporate and personal decisions as well as developing their attitudes.

Family: Family is the foundation of society and the source of basic education for all individuals. A healthy society is the result of a healthy family structure. And the foundation of a healthy society lies ethics. In our corporation, the definition of family is considered very important in every level. The unity and solidarity of our founding family and Sinpas family with all our employees is of utmost importance for us as a group.

Ethics: Ethics lie on the foundation of a healthy society. The lack of ethics makes a healthy social life impossible and people do not fell secure and happy. And the foundation of ethics is treating people the way you want to be treated. Our corporation operates in a safe environment created around this principle.

Justice: The foundation of ethics is treating people the way you want to be treated. And this is the basis that justice originates from. Where there are not good morals, no good behaviours exist. Where there are no good behaviours, justice can not be established. In our work and social lives, when we encounter situations where we need to make choices and make decisions, we always choose justice even if it is against the benefits of our company or of ourselves but in contravention of moral values.

Honesty:Honesty is a must for the establishment of justice. Honesty, for an individual, is to tell the truth and strike an attitude towards the truth, without paying attention if it is for the benefit of themselves or not. We never compromise of our value of honesty in our work. The foundation of a successful trade lies trust, and at the foundation of trust lies honesty. People call, people who always tell the truth as honest and trust people or corporations who were tested against time with their honesty.

Trustworthiness:People trust people who always tell the truth and always do their job right. In our group, an inseparable part of trustworthiness is the trust felt for the worthiness of people who always get results orienting from their ability to do their job.

Discernment:Discernment is the ability to see and own what is right even in situations where is it impossible to distinguish right from wrong. Our group values to see and protect what is precious for its customers, for itself and for the society. In the foundation of having a vision, lies discernment, transformed into an ability to foresee the future.