Our Human Resources System

Recruitment – Assignment Process and Your Applications

  • Our recruitment and assignment process aims to attain the most suitable candidates for a position inside Sinpas Group, in line with the corporate culture and goals.
  • The applications reaching us through our announcements in internet portals and various other sources are analysed by our expert team and suitable candidates are contacted within the frame of our “Recruitment Process Based on Qualification”.
  • In our recruitment and assignment process, the interviewing phase is organised based on the qualifications needed in our available positions. The attitudes and behaviours of candidates in their professional lives are monitored using character inventories in the scope of our expertise. In the next step, a meeting with the related manager is organised for the candidates.
  • As a result of an evaluation based on qualifications, the candidates who are suitable are researched on their references.
  • A job position is offered to candidates who completed all of the phases successfully by our recruitment team.

Training and Development Process

  • In Sinpas Group, various training and improvement programs are applied in parallel with the goals of our companies, with the aim of increasing the productivity of our employees, training them for adaptation to change and in order to educate them for future management positions.
  • Increasing the qualifications of our human resource which stands as the most important asset of our group to invest in, will be the most important supporting force to realise our goals in the scope of our mission and vision.

Performance Management Process

  • Performance management is executed with the aim of monitoring employees’ performances objectively in line with a certain model and determining the areas where the performance can be improved.
  • The regular execution of performance reviews and defining improvement goals to support the career path of the individual in line with the feed-backs of the senior managers is exceptionally important for determining career development plans tailor made for each individual employee.
  • The qualifications and professional abilities of employees are evaluated objectively in the scope of “Performance Evaluation” system and the abilities open for improvement are supported with training programs.

Career Planning Process

  • In line with our goals, the planning of our employees with great potential who internalized the vision, mission and values of our group to be assigned to senior positions, is one of our most important tasks.
  • Promotions of our employees depends on pre-conditions, such as the position subject of the promotion to be available in line with the needs of the company, for the individual to have the behavioural and functional qualifications that the position requires and executing a high performance.

Remuneration Management Process

The remuneration system of Sinpas Group is designed using market data and HAY Group Job Evaluation results. During the structuring of the system, it is grounded on a basis of equality, competitiveness and high performance rewarding as well as being in connection with country’s general rewarding standards.